Ventilator / Mask Technology Demonstrator Videos

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By Andy Firth of Letchworth, UK 2020

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Ventilator with Ambu / BVM Bag Videos

Ventilator Version 1 Pneumatically PoweredTechnology Demonstrator Video 1 (15 mins) - 22/April/2020

Ventilator Version 1 Pneumatically Powered Technology Demonstrator Video 2 (1 mins) - 24/April/2020

Ventilator Version 2 Pneumatically Powered Technology Demonstrator (5 mins) - 28/April/2020 << NEW VIDEO

Ventilator Version 3 Stepper Motor Driven Technology Demonstrator (5 mins) - 2/May/2020 << NEW VIDEO


A Few Ventilator Thoughts From The Back OF The Room

A Few Thoughts About Current Research Around Simple Ventilators (6 mins) - 2/May/2020 << NEW VIDEO


Ventilator Mask Videos

Mask Technology Demonstrator Video - 16/April/2020


Rocking Bed Respirator Videos

Having looked at and made primative rocking bed ventilators / respirators, I don't feel they offer anything
to the current health crisis and hence I've made the videos private. If you would like to view the two videos that I
and Ben made please contact me.


Andy Firth B.Eng Ph.D. Cantab

Copyright Andy Firth 2020